Power Systems. Trends and Challenges.

To address peak demand for electricity, utilities must keep additional power plants running at low levels, even when they are not sending power to the grid. It’s estimated that 10% of generation resources are used only about 100 hours per year, yet they continue to send emissions into the atmosphere throughout the year.
However, intermittent uncertain renewable energy in-feeds and electric mobility makes it even harder to balance the grid. Therefore, we believe, that new smart ways are necessary in order to tackle the challenges ahead.

The Smarger. Our Smart Charger.

The Smarger is an intermediate connector, used like a standard charging cable. It controls the charging behavior of the connected electric vehicle to stabilize the power grid. This approach encourages electricity infeed from renewable energy sources by improving their compatibility with the existing grid.

It is an easily realizable attempt to implement a smart grid without investing in major changes to the grid infrastructure.

The SmargeTech Intelligence Cloud.

The Smarger communicates with a cloud-based algorithm infrastructure, called the SmargeTech Intelligence Cloud (STIC). It combines real-time data from the energy market with weather forecasts. The STIC, in concert with the Smarger, allows us to aggregate hundreds or thousands of plugged-in electric vehicles to a virtual power plant.

It can adjust demand strategically so that each megawatt of renewable energy doesn’t have to be matched with another megawatt of carbon-emitting, fossil-fuel-fired generation. We think that’s pretty smart.


SmargeTech is a Zurich based startup and provides solutions in the field of electric vehicle charging management by manipulating and optimizing the charging behavior of plug-in electric vehicles based on the current power grid status.

SmargeTech is an offical Spinoff of ETH Zurich. We won the Swiss as well as the European Competition of the be.project competition, held by Bearing Point. Furthermore, we were chosen as a winning team in Stage 1 of the Venture Kick competition.