Techdue diligence What we offer.

Based on strong academic and industry experience SmargeTech supports its clients in the technical due diligence process. Every technology investment and acquisition requires a careful due diligence process. This applies especially for early stage and emerging technology companies.

Analyzing lines of code and technology stack of a target company are crucial for the investment success. Besides interviewing the team members to qualify their technical expertise and commercial understanding.

The ability to scale is important. Hence we assess the underlying technology stack as well as the team’s specific areas of strengths, and check if those are well-suited to the product vision. Hire us to analyze your investment opportunity from a tech perspective.

The Team Who we are.

Our team members gained years of professional experience and leadership roles in high-tech start-ups, spin-offs and established corporates.

Our team members received a profound technical education from tier 1 universities in America, Asian and Europe.

Our team members understand the demand from investment companies during the technical due diligence process.

Clients Who needs us.

Venture capital and private equity funds, family offices, banks making private placements for their clients and enterprises acquiring technology companies. We help to evaluate the target company from a purely technical perspective by closely assessing its technology stack from a state-of-the-art perspective.